• Jim Corbett
  • 06/24/2022

Without knowing it, most people are walking around with a wounded spirit because of the harm someone has caused them in the past. We may have forgiven them, which is the only way to bring about complete healing; but somehow the pain just doesn’t go away. What we don’t know is that our spirit, in essence, has a hole in it. It is as if we have been stabbed, possibly many times, by the words or actions of others. We are trying to function as if we’re whole; but, in reality, we’re attempting to cover our wounds with a tiny bandage to stop the bleeding, while continuing on with life. Spiritual wounds are very real and very debilitating.

When asked, I have found that most people who walk in woundedness have never had anyone who wounded them say that they’re sorry, either because the offender is unaware or incapable, or the individual has passed away, leaving things unresolved. Standing in for those who can’t or won’t repent to the wounded person, I have said “I’m sorry. Please forgive me for all the harm I’ve caused you,” and I extend that apology to you as well as a representative of the man or woman who has harmed you and is incapable of asking for your forgiveness. Will you make the choice to forgive that person?

If you receive that apology, and can truly forgive the offender (whether man, woman, father, mother, family member, or friend) as if he or she had said the words, you will be well on your way to discovering why you have led a powerless life as a man, or why you keep attempting to find something to fill the void that you feel as a woman. Your healing has begun.

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Jim Corbett

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