Desiring to provide resources of integrity, we, as watchmen, include this page to encourage you to use discernment in these darkening last days. It’s a call to do your homework before you accept information and try to apply it to your Christian walk. We will seek to keep this page relevant as things come to our attention. Maybe you have links you’d like to share with us that deal with matters of discernment in today’s church. We welcome your suggestions.

          There are many wolves in sheep’s clothing, who look very much like sheep; but, in reality, are wolves who come to devour you with a false narrative - either knowingly or unknowingly as deceivers or simply blind guides. The times and seasons we live in require you to take responsibility for what you choose to put into your mind and the minds of those you love. It’s time to become wise stewards of the videos you watch, the books you read, the teachings you listen to, etc. Spiritual wisdom is mandatory if you desire to remain in biblical truth. Darkness and false teachings disguised as light and Biblical truth are being launched by the enemy to invade every fellowship and every life. It’s time to become diligent and discerning - even with the recommendations and resources on this page. Don’t take anything for granted!

          Do your own research. Examine those in authority to see if what they are saying stands up to the truth of the Word of God, even if you trust them. If they have honest hearts, they’ll be delighted that you’re a seeker of biblical truth. Discover if the people or teachings recommended to you have an agenda that deviates from the crucified life of Christ. Question the teachings of authors of the books you read or podcasts you hear. Note who they recommend and find out where those people stand on the things of God. Make sure that whatever you get involved in has a solid biblical base. If you’re going to use outside sources to study the Word and gain a better understanding of God, check out people’s beliefs and credentials. What methods do they use? Even if recommended by friends, do your research. Your due diligence in these matters could make the difference between spiritual life and death.

“Most importantly, I want to remind you that in the last days scoffers will come,
mocking the truth and following their own desires.” Peter 3:3 NLT

To Get You Started

          We have listed websites that allow you to get started in discovering the doctrines and practices found in the church today that conflict with biblical Christianity. If you look at the illustration above, you might want to use some of the terms you see as a springboard into using discernment sites. If you already have some questions in mind, even better! Be prayerful as you do your research.


          On both sites, simply enter any questions you may have. In addition to each answer there are additional links to help you in your searches. Always refer back to the Lord and the Word for His perspective on what you’re researching.

          This unique site contains many very good articles and writings on discernment, some of them quite old. Be careful as you navigate this site. It’s quite rich in information on the origins of today’s deceptions, but in some cases leans toward political action rather than guiding you into your prayer closet. (The prayer closet will allow you to confirm what the Lord would like you to do.) Strong salvation message presented.

In Contrast Here Are Some
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