MASH United - Living for Others with Brothers We Trust

Living for Others with Brothers We Trust

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There is no man stronger and more effective than a man on his knees in prayer.

MASH United is a heart revival support system. Its spiritual commission is to join men together—in whatever stage of life they’re experiencing—to seek the heart of God. Their goal is to be prepared God’s way, no matter what kind of challenges they encounter. In true covenant alliance with one another, MASH United is a powerful movement of men praying, covering one another’s back, supporting and sharpening one another, determining to make Jesus their priority and grow more like Him every day as they share his love in their circle of influence. MASH United is a formidable defense against the tactics used by the enemy to nullify men and their God-given purpose.

Share the Tools

As part of what we offer our TFRC Praydio Knights Outreach Partners, two of our free resources are designed specifically for men. Our MASH United daily message is designed to encourage, equip, challenge, and support you in becoming the man God created you to be. It’s a companion to and a practical working out of our book, The Father Factor, which addresses the restoration of the offices of husband, father, and community leader. If you are just starting your journey, we suggest you begin by reading The Father Factor. You can download the PDF here

Physical copies are available for free in larger quantities for groups, churches, and ministries. Please email us for more information: We ask that if you share with others, you would make sure to list The Faith Resource Community as the source of what you’re sharing.

We encourage you to make good use of your Bible throughout the week and explore the other free materials we have available to help reinforce your day-to-day journey with the Lord. Everything we have to offer will point you toward a deeper relationship with Him.

Getting Started

Start praying and seeking the Lord. Then find other men who will do the same. Learn to stand in the gap for others. Start gathering together to pray and support one another. Utilize our resources individually and as a group throughout the week to encourage and spur you on to live the life that God intends. Watch what He is doing in your midst. Let Him guide you and then let us know how God is making Himself known to your group.
We’re all in this together and we’d love to share with others what God is doing in His church.

MASH United Message

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The Faith Resource Community

Personal Love OfferingPlease keep in mind this is not a tax deductible, charitable contribution.

We live on faith in God’s provision. If you would like the option to send the gift of a personal love offering to help us cover daily living expenses, it would  be greatly appreciated!

Send your check or money order to:

Jim and Merry Corbett
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Thank you!