MASH United - Living for Others with Brothers We Trust

Living for Others with Brothers We Trust

Designed to spiritually undergird and amplify the foundational strength of every church, vitalize any small group, and rebuild the family fortress with no agenda other than seeing these groups prosper.

"As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another." Pro 27:17

MASH United is a heart revival support system. Its spiritual commission is to join men together—in whatever stage of life they’re experiencing—to seek the heart of God. Their goal is to be prepared God’s way, no matter what kind of challenges they encounter. In true covenant alliance with one another, MASH United is a powerful movement of men praying, covering one another’s back, supporting and sharpening one another, determining to make Jesus their priority and grow more like Him every day as they share his love in their circle of influence. MASH United is a formidable defense against the tactics used by the enemy to nullify men and their God-given purpose.

The Root Cause of a Sinful Life is a Lack of Love for Jesus

Spiritual weakness evaporates and even the deepest sin is overcome when love for Jesus becomes the priority of a man’s life. MASH United Support Teams don't focus on the elimination of sin as their main priority. They embrace a life of intimacy with Jesus, experiencing together His never-ending love for them no matter where they are and the power of the Holy Spirit to make whatever changes are necessary in each member of the team.

The common goal of every MASH United Support Team is to encourage each other to stop presenting a false bravado, become trustworthy with each other, surrender moment by moment to the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, make Jesus the priority in everything they do, and help others to do the same.

Each MASH United Support Team is simply dedicated men who choose to join each other in building an intimate relationship with Jesus, strong marriages, loving families, vibrant communities, and a walk that represents Him properly to a confused and hurting world.

Getting Started

Support Teams

A Proven Dynamic for Spiritual Growth

2 to 5 men connected by the blood of Jesus, who meet in homes or public venues to encourage and help one another to become all they can be in Christ as their priority, supporting each other with whatever is needed as they whole-heartedly seek the Lord together.

There is no curriculum, no designated leader, no mandatory workbook study, no training, no cost, and no written contracts.

If you choose to build your own MASH United Support Team here are some ways you can get started:

  •  Sign up for our daily MASH United Messages here
  • Find a friend or two that is choosing to draw closer to Jesus with you and commit to support each other as you grow
  • Utilize or request our free resources to use as guides and encouragements in your journey
  • Meet with your team in whatever way you choose: in person, Zoom, or by phone

Start communication with your team as you wait on the Holy Spirit to lead you in prayer for your team direction and focus. Remember that your goal is to develop a close relationship with Jesus as the priority in life. Focusing on your sin one to another can be counterproductive. As you set a course of falling in love with Jesus, sin falls away by the working power of the Holy Spirit. He is waiting to show you His love. There is real joy in the journey as He reveals who you are not and Who Jesus is.   You’re building a love relationship, not a religious experience. Have fun!

FOR MORE INFORMATION, you can contact:

Jim Corbett

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