• Jim Corbett
  • 06/25/2022

One day, possibly early in the morning, a worn sandal touched the edge of the Jordan River. The time had come for the next portion of the plans of God to be set in motion. Quietly, with no fanfare except for the comments made by John, the baptizer, the eternal consequences of people’s choices from that time onward would be made known to them. The people who lived in that time period would need to conform to the plan that unfolded before them, whether they wanted to or not. Their lives had changed from that very moment. No one could stop what had been set in motion. This season in the plan of God will continue until He says it’s over.

Shortly before this season concludes, it is generally believed that an application of grace will be available to the end generation of people, so that they might reveal to the world the true character of Jesus Christ. It is also an accepted teaching that there will be a wooing, or heralding, to draw intimately close to Jesus for those Christians who choose to be a part of that move of God, shortly before the final call.

For several years now, the discerning ones within the church have sensed that particular wooing to holiness, an exhortation to deep repentance, a bridal call to single-heartedness and complete submission to the will of God.  Make no mistake, as sure as the times changed when that sandal of the Messiah was on the edge of the Jordan, the present times will change when the Lord decides to finalize His current bridal call. Have you responded?  Maybe you, as a husband and father, should consider doing so before He says, “Enough; all is completed.” Maybe those you are a steward of will benefit from your decision to prepare spiritually for what is ahead. What do you think?

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Jim Corbett

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