• Jim Corbett
  • 06/23/2022

Overcoming the world by the power of God through His Holy Spirit is simply the right thing for each of us to do. In the same way, leading our families to a place of safety in Him is the right plan to follow. It is right in God’s eyes, so there should be no other plan for us to even consider.

The strategy of the enemy is to nullify the effectiveness of you and your family. He desires for you to follow your own plans, walk in your own strength, and teach your children to do the same. He knows that by pointing you in that direction, you and your family are no real threat to him and his kingdom.

On the other hand, traveling on the right path with God - walking in kingdom power by fully submitting to Jesus and His ways - nullifies any effect the world and its ways have on you. Living the life of Christ - simply because it’s the right thing to do - creates an ark of safety from the effects of the world. It brings into play everything the cross has won for you. It allows you to walk in the powerful office you have been given. You please God by doing what’s right in His eyes. That leads to amazing things!

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Jim Corbett

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