• Jim Corbett
  • 06/23/2022

“Wait! Stand just a little longer! Soon I will move on your behalf. You will see how I have answered your prayers to Me. It is My delight to give you what is best for you. Look through what is visible at first and rejoice as your answer unfolds.”

 Psalm 111:2 NIV 

Great are the works of the Lord; they are pondered by all who delight in them.

Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV

5) Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

6) in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Isaiah 66:9 AMP 

Shall I bring to the [moment of] birth and not cause to bring forth? says the Lord. Shall I Who causes to bring forth shut the womb? says your God.

Matthew 10:29-31 NIV

29) “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.

30) And even the very hairs on your head are all numbered.

31) So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.”


Sometimes we don’t recognize answered prayer when it comes. More of the character of Jesus is the best answer we can ever receive. It is the gift that compounds itself - straightening our path, meeting many needs; and even modifying our future prayers and petitions as we properly respond to His heart working in us.

True crucifixion means that a death must happen. We are called to be dead in Christ, so that His life can be lived through each of us. The hardest thing about being dead in Christ is lying on the slab as if dead until He calls us forth or answers our prayers.

Most of us, instead of patiently waiting for the Lord to intervene in our lives, get up off the slab, pace around the tomb, kick at the stone; and yell at God to roll away the stone because we feel we’ve been there long enough. When our patience wears out, we take a pry bar, move the stone ourselves (doing whatever we can do in our own strength to get us out of our pressure situation,) and go forth in very much the same manner as we did before - powerless, fully alive to our own strength, and “lean of soul” in the work of the Lord. We have no real power to give others, because we have not allowed Christ’s power to be formed in us.

Give me the patience to wait for You to answer, Lord,

Jim Corbett

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