• Jim Corbett
  • 01/24/2023

“For so long, I have not been able to trust My church. For much longer, My church has been unable to trust each other. Because of pride, selfishness, and simple immaturity, trust is a word that does not apply to you, My church. I can’t empower you with the deeper things of My Word, because you will use them to proclaim your “spirituality,” or testify to others of your position in Me.

"So often in the past, when I have placed My mantle of anointing on one of My children, it has been used to draw attention to that person rather than to My Son, Jesus. In doing so, what I have intended to be a witness to those who have not seen Him in action has often become a laughable side-show. Obviously there have been exceptions; but in most cases, it is true. I can’t trust you until you die to any desire to be seen, so that you can show others My Son.

"In the same manner, you can’t trust each other. You have become foolish in your lack of integrity. Think on this. If it is important that inner needs be shared with someone so that person can hold them before Me until I heal those needs, why have you stopped being honest and vulnerable with each other? It is because you know that your personal need will be exposed before everyone at the very next phone conversation or prayer meeting. Sure, it will be masked as a prayer need, but the violation of a trust still happens.

"There have been so many violations of your intimate needs, one to another, that you now find it impossible to be honest with each other - and rightfully so. Isn’t it time that you realize that being untrustworthy has brought you to a position of surface relationships with Me and with each other? I want to be able to trust you; so do your friends and so does the world. Determine to come to Me and be changed. I need you to represent My Son to the world. People need you to help them present their needs to Me. Repent today. Much is to be done.”

 Prov. 18:2 AMP

A [self-confident] fool has no delight in understanding but only in revealing his personal opinions and himself.

Hosea 4:6 AMP

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because you [the priestly nation] have rejected knowledge. I will also reject you that you shall be no priest to Me…


I have been given a Bible study on marriage.  One of the healing elements of the teaching is when we understand the “violation of a trust.”  The violation occurs in many ways, but the result is always the same - separation - first heart separation, then physical separation.

Many times partners don’t understand why their marriage does not have the fullness that they feel it should or why it has completely fallen apart. The root is often that they cannot trust the other with their most intimate needs because those intimacies have been violated over the years.

Little words, mindless jesting, blatant ridicule, all eliminate the intimate “gifting” of one person to the other. I am convinced that one of the biggest hazards to intimacy (the ability to confide in your spouse and know that your needs are safe with your spouse) in a marriage is the best friend. If every word, every failure, every wound is automatically sent to that friend - or to anyone else, even in the form of a prayer need - communication between husband and wife shuts off and separation ensues.

It is the same in the church. Confidences almost surely will turn up as prayer needs or badges of knowledge. God calls it gossip and He hates it. He also despises the misuse of His gifts. They are not given to promote a person or ministry. They are given so that the world can see Jesus. Is it any wonder why they are rarely functioning anymore? To whom can the Lord entrust them?

Needing to close my mouth and open my heart to God and His ways,

Jim Corbett

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