1/25/23 An incredible Freedom

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/25/2023

One of the most overlooked events in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is the tearing of the veil in the temple. It was rent from top to bottom, a task impossible by anyone but God. That single act rings with the mercy and love of God. It was symbolic of our invitation into the unthinkable – access into the very presence of God. Even more amazing, we, as believers, not only have access to God; but we are now accepted by our Father in heaven with the same love, intimacy, and acceptance that Jesus has with Him!

In today’s Christian society, it seems as if we’ve somehow managed to sew the veil back together in our minds. We reject the thought that God has offered us entrance into a warm, Father-son (daughter) relationship with Him. For some reason, many of us - especially men - fail to grasp the concept of being able to enter into the presence of God, sit on His lap, and suck our thumb. Few of us feel free to enter His presence as needy, broken failures who have no answers. Few of us have the joy of understanding that our bankruptcy opens the compassionate heart of our loving Father, Who is waiting to embrace us with loving acceptance.

I believe one of the most important aspects of this book is that it, in essence, presents to you that when God tore the veil, He gave you and me permission to feel so small in our own eyes, that we would be able to really need Him for everything in our lives. He gave us permission to fail Him over and over again, and still be accepted. He told us that He would never ever condemn us or remove us from His heart. He invited us into an incredibly close relationship, one that permits us to walk side by side as companions with Him throughout our lives, and then throughout all eternity. As you go about the business of reclaiming your offices, you need to settle it in your heart once and for all that you are cherished. You have permission to love Him unashamedly and He promises to love you back - forever.

Men, I challenge you to put aside all your wounds, and the misrepresentations and misunderstandings of Who our Father God is, and embrace the truth that He loves, cherishes, and accepts you at all times. I challenge you to believe in your heart that He gives you permission to fail and have no answers. I challenge you to trust Him to love you just as you are, while walking with you so that you can become who He intends you to be.

(Taken from The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett)

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