1/24/23 Seasons

  • Jim Corbett
  • 01/24/2023

There are seasons in our lives that make us change or allow us to change either our direction or our way of living. If properly addressed, each season can make the difference between success or failure, sometimes even life or death.

There is a season upon us that requires critical attention. Because of political, social, and physical pressures, husbands and fathers will soon be traveling uncharted waters. Never before in the history of this land - and even this world - has there been a more critical time to understand, prepare, and act, if we and our families are to survive the challenges on the horizon. Soon, our lack of preparation may cause us to be wide-eyed and out of answers. When those we love look to us for guidance and direction, we will have none unless we turn to the Lord with diligence now.

In the season that is fast approaching, only spiritual prowess, an intimate relationship with our Father, and a clear understanding of His plan for our lives and the lives of our families will allow us to overcome the enemy of all we hold dear. As a Christian man overseeing a Christian family, we have been given a mandate to prepare properly for any season, so that those we are stewards of have an environment where they can prosper spiritually, too. How prepared are you for the challenging season that could be upon us at any moment?

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Jim Corbett

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