• Jim Corbett
  • 09/30/2021

As the fabric of our society as we know it breaks down, the Word of God and His principles remain the same. He never changes. His standards apply no matter what society might say. As the world adopts movable standards and a sliding scale of morality, God’s ways are steadfast and reliable.

As a husband and father, you can rely on God’s ways to guide you in nurturing your marriage and raising your children. You’ve been given a clear mandate on how to act, no matter what the world around you declares right or wrong. You’ve been given sure footing on a slippery slide of relative values and shifting priorities for living.

Soon the ways of God will appear archaic. The foolish will see them as foolish and old-fashioned, demanding that you follow their up-to-date example. Be very careful where you seek truth during those times. Moving in the direction of the world may appear right for the moment, but that’s not where God is. It’s not the criteria He uses to judge your life.  He uses His Word and His immovable standards. On the day you meet Him face-to-face, it will be best to have used His standards for your family during your time on earth.

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Jim Corbett

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