• Jim Corbett
  • 09/30/2021

“I love how many of you are becoming so sensitive to My leading. I know that We’ve talked about this many times, but it really is important to Me. I need to tell everyone that they have been reconciled to Me. You are My missionaries. From My perspective, I know when and where you can be effective. That is where you must be. When you learn to hear Me correctly, I can trust you to be there as My agent.

"While you are learning absolute obedience, many times it may appear as if you have made a mistake in following My direction. You may look as if you have missed My will completely. Sometimes that may be the case, but don’t be alarmed. I can handle that. Sometimes, however, you will be exactly where I want you to be and everything still appears as if you did not hear Me properly. Nothing works, nothing fits, and nothing seems right. You may still be in My perfect will.

"I may be using you for many reasons that you can’t see at the time, and will possibly never understand. These are the times that you will hear foolish words like “Where He guides, He will provide” from the uninitiated, ignorant, or success-oriented Christian. Many tender, obedient hearts have been stifled by those who don’t understand My ways. I may even be allowing you to appear as a fool, so that I can reveal the unfair judgments and hardened hearts in the lives of those who are watching you. Your reaction to what looks like a mistake on your part is as important as your reaction to success.

"Don’t listen to those who have not spent enough time with Me to really hear Me and understand My ways. It will only confuse you and hinder My life from flowing through you. I will take much pleasure in guiding you throughout your time with Me. You continue to learn to listen to My voice and move in obedience. The outcome of your obedience is up to Me. Keep walking, keep trusting. I am pleased. You are My special project! I love seeing you grow up.”

John 7:6,8 NIV

6) Therefore Jesus told them, “The right time for me has not yet come; for you any time is right…

8) You go to the Feast. I am not yet going up to this Feast, because for me the right time has not yet come.”

Acts 21:12-14 NIV 

12) When we heard this, we and the people there pleaded with Paul not to go up to Jerusalem.

13) Then Paul answered, “Why are you weeping and breaking my heart? I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die in Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”

14) When he would not be dissuaded. We gave up and said, “The Lord’s will be done.”


Jesus was on a mission. Totally obedient, He moved when and where He was told. Fulfilling prophecies, personifying feasts, He had to count every step as ordained, for it was. No one understood His mission and His reasons for doing much of what He did. His death signified to those who had no understanding that He had definitely made a wrong turn somewhere.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have personally experienced or seen my faith-walking friends standing bare-faced and looking foolish because things seemingly did not work out following a step of obedience. I’m not talking about people making rash decisions. I’m talking about those with honest hearts, who spend months, years, and even more time seeking the Lord for their direction, only to seemingly find no answer after they step out.

Following the Lord does not always result in the American dream kind of ending. Jesus was crucified. Paul did go to jail. Most of the apostles died what appeared to be untimely deaths. Many, many people have been martyrs for the Lord because of their obedience and dedication.

Never let the perceived outcome hinder your ability to praise the Lord - knowing that you have been obedient - or hinder you from moving with Him the next time He calls you to a work. You are on a mission. Many in the church have been nullified by the need to look cool and prosperous. They can’t hear God. He can’t trust them.

You are being taught to hear His voice and move with Him, no matter what the others might do. The remnant heart longs only to please the Lord. Nothing else satisfies.

In the coming season, I am convinced that two functions will determine the true church of Jesus Christ. The first will be absolute obedience to the Lord. Listening and following only Him, the church will move in unison to accomplish His end-time work. The second will be looking only for the Lord. Fully ready, fully prepared, she will be purified and waiting hopefully.

Learning to listen and look,

Jim Corbett

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