9/25/19 Serving Others with Brothers We Trust

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/25/2019
One of the most outstanding aspects of David’s life is the caliber of men God gave him. Knowing the battles he was about to encounter, God gave David mighty men of valor, well-trained in their respective roles and trustworthy unto death. As you read the accounts of their feats, there is no question about their prowess. As David’s life unfolds, what also becomes strikingly clear is that these mighty men were devoted to him and he was devoted to them. Combined with the presence of the Lord that was upon them, this arrangement was unbeatable. It was a three-way covenant relationship. 

Today, that kind of brotherhood seems non-existent, except in motorcycle or street gangs. It is glaringly absent in the church. In a time when having your back covered could make the difference between the life or death of you and your family, I challenge any of you to find that kind of camaraderie – someone you know who’s there for you, even unto death. If you can find him, (other than Jesus Himself, of course,) you are truly blessed.
In the Word, Jesus uses the term “brother” or “brethren” as a premier example of a close bond. These terms were used at a time when family and covenant bond really meant something, unlike today’s fractured world. I am convinced that God is raising up holy alliances of men, joined in the brotherhood of Christ and designed to accomplish mighty feats for the Lord just as in David’s time. These men – washed in the blood of Jesus, refined by the fires of adversity, broken under the weight of extreme challenges, and rebuilt by the Holy Spirit until they are trustworthy before God and trustworthy toward others – are on the threshold of joining with one another to accomplish God-given tasks.
Together they will tear down spiritual strongholds and overcome insurmountable challenges through the power of the Holy Spirit. Available only to God and committed to one another, they will walk together above the spirit of the world as an unbeatable force of holy, mighty men on a mission for our Lord. 

Are you submitting to God’s training to be a brother of consequence?  If you are not, you will be set on the sidelines as others participate in some of the most exciting adventures the Lord has ever had available in the darkest of times, times when He needs those He can trust. 

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Jim Corbett
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