9/26/19 Fruitless Imaginations

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/26/2019
As a father and husband, who directs your plans? 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 tells us that every thought that does not conform to the work that Jesus did is to be cast aside. Jesus also did nothing of Himself, but only what He and His Father agreed upon to do. How then do any of us believe that our own thoughts or ideas, based on need or circumstances and derived from our own imaginations, are good enough to direct our wives and families to safe, prosperous paths in life? 
As a steward of those around you, there will come a time when you stand before Almighty God and give account of those He has entrusted to your care. You will be asked if you provided a safe and clear path for your wife and family to follow, a place where they had every opportunity to become all they could be in Christ. How's that working for you? 
Have you done or are you doing everything that you can for their best interests? Have you determined in your heart that their stewardship is more important than your job or the things that keep you comfortable? If you haven't, now might be a good time to reassess whether or not the plans you follow are yours or the Lord's. 
Following His plans and ideas in all things leads to a prosperous life in His eyes. He sees that following your plans is nothing more than flowing in fruitless imaginations. We are told to cast them down as useless, because they have no basis for truth and deny God's way for you. Whose plans do you choose?
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Jim Corbett
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