9/24/19 This Life

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/24/2019
What if this life is about nothing more than to prepare those who are going to spend eternity with God and those who aren’t? What if God had no other plan but whatever is needed for the eternities, and was simply using this time we call our lives as a qualification process for what we are going to do then? What if mankind added all of the other stuff and made it important when God never intended for us to focus one moment on the things we hold dear?

Let’s say that God placed mankind on this planet to first of all, know Him, and then to divide those who decide to serve Him from those who choose not to. Let’s say that’s all there is to it, nothing more. If that were the case, then everything else – everything – is made important by the will of man, not by God.

Entertainment would not have taken the place of complete happiness in the presence of God. Striving to work to provide for our needs would not be necessary because God, in His rightful place, would be our all provider. There would be no fears even from those who choose not to serve Him, because our reliance would be on His protection. Even if we were harmed, He would be our healer, or we would die and simply be with Him – our life’s goal. His plan for us would be complete and our trust in that plan would bring total joy to those around us as we represent Jesus.

Fathers and husbands, how are you preparing those who are watching your life so that they know how to function? Whose plan for real life are you representing? What are you doing to be able to bring clear direction for your family? If you are a blind guide, an ability to see clearly is found in Jesus and His ways. He is waiting for you to come to Him for new life to give to others. Are your eyes and heart open?

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Jim Corbett
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