• Jim Corbett
  • 07/23/2021

If the picture you have in your mind of someone who is holy includes a halo, a Caspar Milquetoast demeanor, and a mentality that flees at the onset of any conflict, you are way off. A holy man of God is a mighty warrior for the kingdom of God, his marriage, and his family.

To be holy means to be totally separated from the world, its siren songs, and its attachments. It means to be unashamedly dedicated to the Lord, focusing solely on living out the life of Jesus in daily life. A holy man is, therefore, untouchable by the world, unavailable to any fearful distractions, and unreachable when called upon to violate any portion of the heart of God.

If you desire to walk in Holy Spirit power as a husband and father, seek holiness. Seek an intimate, loving relationship with your Father in heaven. Be determined to know the heart of Jesus and live it out on behalf of those you steward. Allow nothing to stop you from walking and conducting yourself as Jesus did. Live a holy, separated life above the world and all its ways. It is your heritage. It is your calling. It is your covenant promise if you seek it with all your heart.

Man of God, be holy as He is holy!

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Jim Corbett

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