• Jim Corbett
  • 06/24/2021

“If I were to remove everything that you hold dear from your life, would you still serve Me with all your heart? You really need to think about that! Some of you base My love for you on how I have blessed you. You see yourself as being in right standing with Me because you have much to show for your efforts. You are living far from truth. The epitome of My love hung on a cross, bleeding for those who cursed Him and Me. That is how He prospered. He was the most prosperous person that ever walked your land. Jesus loved so much that He kept nothing for Himself, even His life.

"Arrange your priorities to be in line with His priorities and you will truly prosper. Start by loving others more than you love yourself. That means some of you will have to eliminate the gods you have formed for yourselves - those gods that you really serve, and those that you demand serve you.”

Psalm 25:12-14 NIV

12) Who, then, is the man that fears the Lord? He will instruct him in the way chosen for him.

13) He will spend his days in prosperity, and his descendants will inherit the land.

14) The Lord confides in those who fear him; he makes His covenant known to them.

Proverbs 29:21 AMP

He who pampers his servant from childhood will have him expecting the rights of a son afterward.

Luke 9:23-25 AMP 

23) And He said to all, If any person wills to come after Me, let him deny himself [disown himself, forget, lose sight of himself and his own interests, refuse and give up himself] and take up his cross daily and follow Me [cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example in living and, if need be, in dying also].

24) For whoever would preserve his life and save it will lose and destroy it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he will preserve and save it [from the penalty of eternal death].

25) For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and ruins or forfeits (loses) himself?


When I study Proverbs 29:21, I see a picture of many of us who call ourselves Christians. The proverb reveals a heart that has become so blinded by his comforts that he has forgotten that they all have come to him because of the mercy and grace of his master. He now demands from the master instead of being grateful.

In these closing hours of time, God is revealing our true heart motives and demands. He is separating sheep from sheep, finding those of us who follow the Shepherd out of love rather than comfort and safety.

If your comfort, safety, and all the things with which you identify your prosperity were gone, would you still follow your Shepherd with a loving, devoted heart? You must, you know!

Teach me how, Lord,

Jim Corbett

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