• Jim Corbett
  • 06/25/2021

I once knew a person who needed some major changes in her life.  When discussing all the things she needed to address, she let out a sigh in exasperation. “My days are consumed with just surviving,” she lamented. She continued saying something like, “I don’t think I can take on one more thing, no matter how important it seems.”

In today’s very challenging times, most moments in our lives seem to be consumed either by the demands of the world or those obligations we have placed on ourselves. It also seems that taking on a project as gargantuan as rebuilding a fragmented family or a marriage that needs attention is impossible. Most men choose to address the urgent rather than change direction to give attention to the important.

Herein lies the quandary. In the case of a Christian marriage or a family that needs to serve the Lord, the urgent is also the most important. There is nothing more urgent than restoring every element of your marriage that has lost God’s presence on it. Your marriage is supposed to be the foundation from which everything else springs. Without the safety of what God has put together, you as a man are vulnerable to any attack of the enemy. Your marriage must become whole to overcome the challenges ahead.

In the same way, if your children are in need of rescue, there is no more important concern on the heart of God than for them to be serving Him with all their hearts. Anything short of that must be given much face time before Him on their behalf. Along with your marriage, it is your job priority, your calling, and your anointing ahead of any other area. Even serving Him in any other form of ministry should take second place to your ministry to your wife and children.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

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Jim Corbett

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