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For those who are wanting to deepen their walk with the Lord to become the man God has created them to be, this daily message is designed to encourage, equip, challenge, and be a support for you. Very much like the direct but kind, guiding words of a craftsman to an apprentice. History has proven that many grown men have never had a father’s guidance that could direct them either in word or example into the truth regarding love, marriage, intimacy, and nurturing. These daily messages provide opportunities for men to revisit what it means to be a leader, husband, or father God’s way.

6/12/24 Pancakes and Sausage

How many of the men’s groups around this land are no more spiritually filling than the pancakes and sausage breakfasts that are considered valuable gatherings? How many men’s groups do…

6/10/24 Mighty Men of God

According to Ephesians 6:12, our real war is against the principalities and powers in the spiritual realm – not flesh and blood – and the Lord has equipped each of…

6/08/24 Offices of Importance

It is rarely understood how important the offices of husband and father are to God. He has placed these often-misunderstood offices in a key position in creation and shows favor…


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