9/28/19 Your Obedience Helps Others

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/28/2019
As a father and husband, if you are where you're supposed to be with God, then those in your circle of influence have a much better chance of being where they're supposed to be. It stands to reason that if you are setting an example of obedience to God and make it comfortable for your family to walk in obedience to God, they will be able to search His heart for their lives.
Conversely, if you are going about your days moving in your own thoughts and abilities, never really understanding the importance of finding His heart and His will, they will do the same simply because it's a family pattern you've established.  Is it any wonder that so many families are fractured and directionless as far as God is concerned? Is it any wonder that most families will not be prepared to face the challenges on the horizon and will seek direction from other sources than the Lord?
Your job, dads, is to provide an atmosphere of dependence on the Lord in every area of your life and each situation you face. In doing so, you will be allowing those around you to do the same. That dependence is the only place of faultless direction and powerful wisdom available to any of them to face every challenge, even when you're not around. Cultivating the habit of seeking God for direction and following that direction in absolute obedience is the best gift you can give to those around you. It's the only place of real safety for all of you.
Jesus loved doing only His Father's will. If you and your wife love walking in obedience to Him, your children will have the freedom to follow His will, too. That's a very good thing! Will you walk in obedience to help your family do likewise?
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Jim Corbett
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