9/27/19 Encounters with God

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/28/2019
Men, as leaders of those under your stewardship, are you preparing yourself for an encounter with God? Does your heart long for such intimacy that only His personal invitation into His throne room - where He anoints you in preparation for the times and seasons ahead - will satisfy you? If not, why not?
You have been born spiritually because of the work of Jesus. You have been invited into an intimate relationship with your Father in heaven. You have been called and selected to walk with Him throughout your days in continual communion. He has become your Father in the truest sense of the word.
He is also your Almighty God. Meeting with Him on a regular basis will change you. Any encounter you are privileged to have will destroy all those things that hinder you from walking in His truths. It will change how you think, how you act, and you will know why you have been given breath. You will have answers for yourself and for those around you.
As a watchman looking past what we have been told to believe and observing what is really on the horizon, I am convinced that nothing but the keeping power of God will suffice in the near future. Nothing but clear directions and God-ordained paths will be safe places to travel. Those paths only come from having moment by moment encounters with a loving, direction-giving Father. He is waiting to meet with you long and often. Maybe it's time to make such encounters the priority of your life - for your sake and for those around you.
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Jim Corbett
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