• Jim Corbett
  • 09/27/2021

Did you know that a child who’s not serving the Lord and living a significant life for Him breaks the heart of God? Did you know that a cold marriage grieves Him and isn’t in line with His plans?  Did you know that you, as a man called to the offices of husband and father, will be held accountable before God if your marriage and family are out of order? It’s true!

As a steward of your marriage and family, you are not fulfilling the plan God has for you if you aren’t on your face before the Lord when things are out of order in either area. I’m not talking about attempting to control the lives you are involved with through a heavy hand, laws, and restrictions. That is way out of order!

God’s plan for husbands and fathers is to create an atmosphere for those you steward so they can freely serve Him. That doesn’t come with laws or physical control. It comes through prayers and petitions for help. It comes with a broken heart for others and a desire to appease the broken heart of God.

If your marriage and family aren’t serving God, you have basically one option. You need to readjust your priorities, no matter how much it costs you. You need to understand that God’s heart is breaking for them, and then get on your face in repentance. You need to stay there until He intervenes. That pleases Him!

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Jim Corbett

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