• Jim Corbett
  • 09/24/2022

The key to the success of your marriage and family is planting pure seed into fertile soil. Seed will not grow in hard, dry ground. It may sprout for a short time, but it will die soon if it isn’t tended.

As a husband and father stepping into your offices, your first step is to break up the hardened, fallow ground before you plant any seed. That is done from your knees. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit and waiting on God to go before you - guiding your heart and directing your steps - will any lasting work be done.

Start today! Observe your wife and children, asking the Lord to let you see them with His eyes. Ask Him to show you their spiritual needs. Ask Him to reveal to you what He desires for their lives. Ask Him also what you need to change.  Partner with Him against anything that denies His Lordship in your family. Wait on Him for His power and timing before you move in any direction. When He reveals something, wait on Him some more until you’re told to move; then move in His love. Step after step, healing after healing, you will find good fruit growing, because good seed was planted in prepared soil. It’s God’s way; isn’t it time to make it your way, too?

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Jim Corbett

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