• Jim Corbett
  • 09/23/2022

From The Father Factor by Jim and Merry Corbett

It is vitally important to remember that from this moment on, as you are in the process of rebuilding your marriage and restoring your family, you may be fighting conventional thought, bucking religious traditions; and breaking loose from whatever spiritual bondages hinder you or your family from living world overcoming lives before the Lord. You may need to minimize your relationship with those who cannot see what the Lord has shown you. You may even need to sever some relationships that hinder you or your family from following God in the manner in which He directs. Remember that you are destroying spiritual bondages.

As you focus on restoring your marriage and rescuing your children, you may have to make some definitive choices that may not be understood by those around you. You may need to be very direct at times. One more time, it is critically important that you immerse yourself in prayer, seek wise counsel, and move only after you and your wife are agreed. She is your most important ally once your marriage is restored.

Remember, you are embarking on an eternal work that is inspired and directed by God. Remember also that the steps you are taking are very important to Him. Remind yourself every moment of every day to move only as you are directed in prayer and only in God’s timing and the love of Christ.

Love is the key to every eternal action. Everything that God does for us is motivated by love. Everything we do must have love as its motivation. How important is it for you to get started?

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Jim Corbett

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