9/19/23 Holy Alliances

  • Jim Corbett
  • 09/19/2023
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As a remedy to the weakness and immaturity within the body of Christ and in preparation for the coming perilous times, God Himself is reestablishing the life and character of Jesus in His church through holy alliances, kinsman friendships, and covenant relationships. He is taking charge of the relationships that He plans to join together to accomplish His work in the near future. Becoming trustworthy and joining with those who are trustworthy is the pattern of the first century church. You will want to make yourself ready for this time by becoming a trustworthy follower of Jesus, if you desire to find favor within groups of significant people who are also trustworthy.

Men, in the coming, more-than-likely very challenging days - if you are trustworthy yourself - watch for specific people that the Lord will place in your midst as a holy alliance. If you are fickle, foolish, immature, and self-consumed in your relationships, don’t expect the Lord to bring holy alliances your way, because He will not allow you to harm His children and distract them from fulfilling His purpose for their lives. Until you repent of your ways and have a heart to live your life for the benefit of others and for the benefit of God’s plan, you will basically find yourself on your own or in league with others just like you. I would call these people the spiritually insignificant, cowering masses. It’s your choice.

If however, you desire to live the way Jesus lived, God will place you with others of the same Holy Spirit-inspired obedience and like-minded direction. You will be given the opportunity to enter into an unbreakable alliance with them, sealed, protected, and enforced by God Himself for the purpose of accomplishing specific tasks and Holy Spirit-led projects to further the Kingdom of God in these last days. It will be the most wonderfully fulfilling, remarkable time since the cross and the covenant heart of Jesus spilled out spiritual integrity over those who could receive it. Husbands and wives who understand that they have been joined together for far more than living in moderate harmony and success, business associates who have only the goals and desires of God as the basis for their association, friends who establish a covenant relationship in order to accomplish God’s plan for their lives will soon be the norm or survival will be non-existent for believers in need. Which life do you choose?

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Jim Corbett

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