5/20/24 Kill the Heir

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/20/2024
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As far as the enemy was concerned, he thought he’d won by killing the heir of God. Attempting to thwart the plans of God, he used those who listened to him to put to death the only danger he could see. In doing so, however, he played right into the hands of God and His plans to break death’s hold on mankind.

The same plans of the enemy have been in effect from the beginning of time. If he can kill, steal from, or destroy the heirs of any family, he can prevent that family unit from completing its ordained task. Minimizing the heir can destroy the lineage, and it’s a weapon used in an attempt to thwart God’s plans for future generations.

Look around, men! First look at your own life. Did the enemy destroy your father’s heir? Are you an ineffective witness for Jesus? Do you know what plans have been thwarted because of your disobedience to God?  Do you even care?

Now look at your family!  Are your children a strong witness for Jesus? Does your family represent Jesus to the world by the way they act? Are other families being changed because they have come in contact with yours?  If not, the enemy is well on his way to successfully killing your heirs spiritually. He is completing his task of minimizing the effectiveness of touching future generations for Christ through them.

As a husband and father, there is still time. You can turn your family around by determining to pray your children back into line with their calling. This moment could also change the lineage for untold generations if your witness to your peers becomes anointed. You can help them realize how the enemy has nullified their heirs. God is restoring the offices of husband and father. He is rescuing the heirs of those fathers who turn fully to Him. Are you going to respond?

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Jim Corbett

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