• Jim Corbett
  • 09/08/2021

As God continues to reveal your shortcomings, be of good cheer!  God is doing the wonderful work in you that He promised so you can fulfill your roles as husband and father.  A while back, you didn't even know those things were part of you, did you?

I used to see everything I wasn't as a totally negative experience - probably my pride as much as anything else.  Now, as the Lord gives me continual reminders of just exactly who I am and how far I have to go to be like Jesus, I am more able to give myself over to Him, knowing only He can change me and that He wholeheartedly desires to do so.  My appreciation of Him has increased as He also builds the faith in me to believe that He really is Who He says He is.

What chance would my family have if I chose not to respond to the changes the Holy Spirit is always ready to do in me? Where would we be if God never exposed me for who I really am?  Probably sitting comfortably in some church pew with no clue as to the rude awakening in store for me down the road.  Have you seen any shortcomings lately?

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Jim Corbett

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