• Jim Corbett
  • 09/09/2021

There is a familiar story about an individual who belonged to a small church. Several years previously, he experienced a dramatic conversion to Jesus Christ and had followed Him diligently ever since.

One day, he enthusiastically approached the pastor to inquire how he might best serve in the fledgling congregation. The only open position was that of a greeter, which he joyfully accepted.

Every Sunday without fail for many years, this man greeted everyone who came to the church for services. The congregation grew, due in part to the hearty, loving welcome people received as visitors. This man's ministry made a difference at this church.

After a time, the man - now in charge of many greeters - grew disillusioned with his position, and wanted what he considered a more important position in the church. When he was asked to remain as the head greeter, he felt the church did not really appreciate him, so he left.  Eventually he became more disillusioned, and fell away from the Lord.

The first love qualities of service, unashamed love, and child-like enthusiasm are the qualities of Jesus. When we lose them, we lose real life. Are you comfortable with being a servant to your wife? Do you consider it a privilege that you are supposed to care more about the significance of your children’s lives than your own vision? If your answer is “no" on either question, you might want to take it up with the Lord!

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Jim Corbett

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