• Jim Corbett
  • 09/02/2021

David was surrounded by mighty men, who excelled in circumstances that would cause others to fail. They prepared themselves with diligence and honed their skills in battle because of the call on their lives. Individually, they were almost unbeatable; as a team, they could protect the king.

Mighty men are needed to protect the honor of God today. The skills David’s mighty men possessed may not be the ones needed to overcome the world today, but the diligence and preparation they exhibited in fulfilling their calling is just as important in what you’re called to accomplish now. You should prepare thoroughly to not only protect the honor of God, but also to help His children come to know Him and their portion in His plan.

As David’s mighty men won in combat on the battlefield, you are to win the war for your marriage and your children’s safety in your prayer closet. As they devoted themselves to physically protect their king, you are called to help create a spiritual atmosphere around others so they can be equipped for service to their King. You are to be a mighty man in submission to Jesus. Your weapons of warfare may not be physical, but they are invincible against any enemy you or your family will face.

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Jim Corbett

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