• Jim Corbett
  • 09/01/2021

Jesus came with a warning and a promise. He warned the darkness that their rule of mankind was about to end. He promised mankind that they no longer needed to be helpless and under the control of the ruler to whom Adam and Eve had submitted themselves through their disobedience. They could now be released from that bondage if they chose Him and His life.

As a husband and father, the most important life you can show your family is the life of Jesus. Using the Word and the life imparted to you because of the cross, they can have safe passage through all the turmoil of the world. Their lives can be an example of the wonder of the life of Jesus, if you show them Who He is by being an example of Him in their midst.

How are you doing with that? How is your relationship with Jesus and your intimacy with God coming along? Are you prioritizing your days in the quest for intimacy? Are you determined to know Jesus and the power outflowing from His resurrection as your priority? Are your plans for your life the same as God’s?

Men, you carry the most important and most difficult offices ordained by God. You are called to carry His life and His hope to those you steward. You also have access to the throne room to receive anything you need, any time you want. Nothing can hinder your success if you walk with your heavenly Father as Jesus did, and walk in the promise that Jesus gave. The bondages of the world should have no hold on you because you are His. Walk in that freedom for the sake of those who are yours and for the glory of God.

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Jim Corbett

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