• Jim Corbett
  • 07/26/2021

Is your family for one another? I don’t mean, do they tolerate one another; I mean, are they interested in protecting the interests of the other before their own interests? Are you an example of being for your wife? Is she safe in the understanding that you will make decisions concerning her for her best interests rather than your own?

It’s mandatory in God’s eyes concerning marriage, you know! Ephesians states that you are to love your wife just as Christ loves the church. He gave up His own interests - even His life - for the church. You are to do the same for your wife.

Whether you know it or not, your children are watching how you behave with your wife. They understand your selfish, self-interested behavior, and do the same toward you and the other members of your family. They learn a self-serving spirit from you. They learn to look out for themselves first, just as you do.

On the other hand, if you serve everyone - looking out for their best interests before yours, especially your wife - you fall in line with the heart of God. His power then reigns over your family. His life is given to those who act selflessly toward others. It is the pattern Jesus set, so He honors it.

If you want your family to be healed, lay down your self-serving life and determine to serve your wife and your children with a Christ-like attitude. Become for them rather than for your own interests. It may take a while to turn the selfish tide you’ve set, but as you continue to show your children the life of Jesus through your actions, they will begin to turn their hearts also. Become for those around you, and watch the life of Jesus weave His love to all concerned.

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Jim Corbett

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