• Jim Corbett
  • 07/27/2021

Any task we are given can either be a work of love or considered just one more thing we have to do. When our lives are full - meaning that we are consumed with the business of life - one more thing added to it seems monumental. Going deeper with the Lord can be like that to someone who sees his relationship with the Lord as something other than one of love.

Being in ministry for over thirty years, I’ve found one common thread when dealing with people. Life is so in their faces that they see no way to add anything to it, even something as important as taking the time to build an intimate relationship with God. Most people have “fit Him in” somewhere between their job responsibilities and their recreational activities.

The intimate relationship with Father God has been won for us by the death of Jesus. It is the most wondrous privilege anyone can have. It invokes overwhelming joy in anyone who understands what it really means to know God and allow Him to cover his or her life completely.

If your relationship with Jesus is not the joyous center of your life, you are missing more than you know. If intimate time with your Father God in His throne room at his feet is not the reason you live, you have been blinded by the worthless sirens of this world. If you have no real joy in what it means to be a blood-bought child of God and all it entails, you are on a dead, fruitless road in life, a road opposite the one intended for you. Today your Father is calling you to reprioritize your life. He is asking you to find the joy of knowing and serving Jesus. It is a call of love! Will you answer?

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Jim Corbett

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