• Jim Corbett
  • 06/29/2022

The wisest stance any man can take is to allow the One Who created him to determine the workings of his life.  It’s fascinating how much power and control this world flaunts to show itself strong. We’ve become desensitized to the bombardment of propaganda that tries to stop us from submitting to God in all that we do. Personal strength, winning at all costs, self-motivation, self-esteem - these are  terms that are so familiar, we don't recognize them for what they really are. They’re Satan's ploys to nullify the Word of God in which submission, repentance, humility, servanthood, and working together for the good of the other are keys to God's plan for real strength.

Nations rise when people join together for the common good, thinking of others. Nations fail when there is no real glue to join people together. That’s when people think about themselves, and that’s when they fail. Families are impacted in the same way. Preoccupied parents and children who have gone their own way is a formula for disaster in God’s eyes. It’s out of line with His plan for the purpose of the family unit.

God's plan for a strong nation or a strong, prosperous family includes the absence of self in any equation. His plan for serving one another is the answer for any situation that arises, because it exemplifies the life of Jesus. He made us; He knows what’s best for us.

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Jim Corbett


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