• Jim Corbett
  • 06/28/2022

Holding the offices of husband and father requires us to need God in every aspect of our lives. The more we understand our need, the more life we can impart to those we steward.

How capable would you be as a husband and father if you never went to God for wisdom? How would your wife and children fare if you were so prideful that you chose to never ask God who you really are and what you needed to live your life His way?

Having it together has little to do with having all the answers. Independence and the foolish notion of striving to become powerful in our own strength is the world’s way of doing things. That kind of attitude has been taught to us men from the time we were little. The “you can do it yourself” attitude is a dead end in God’s economy.

God desires us to need Him. Jesus did nothing unless He saw His Father doing it. Our safety can be in having the same kind of attitude. The veil in the temple was torn in two so we could have the freedom to submit our needs to the Lord. Acknowledging that we have needs and submitting them to our Lord to gain His wisdom is the epitome of having it together.

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Jim Corbett


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