• Jim Corbett
  • 06/22/2021

As I do research for our books and other ministry outreaches, I am pretty astounded by how unaware most people are of the war they are in. They don’t see overwhelming business demands as a tool of the enemy to nullify their real effectiveness. They don’t understand that hours before the television set help erode family unity. Cell phones are divisional devices used to separate families.

Take a look around. Watch how the enemy of everything that God desires is steadily at work to distract, divide, and destroy everything God holds dear in the family unit. He will use anything he can, any way he can, to take the family members’ eyes off of the important and place them on the urgent or the entertaining.

If you think that I’m being a little melodramatic, do this experiment. Pick any device - cell phone, television, business pressure, school, or social engagements and compare the time consumed by them with the time a family spends together communicating and investing in each other.  See how long most families spend quality time together before each member runs off to do something more important. I think you will be amazed at how few people consider their family more important than whatever personal god they serve first. What do you see in your family?

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Jim Corbett

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