• Jim Corbett
  • 06/21/2021

To be able to fulfill your offices of husband and father with power and skill, you’re going to need much more than you can do in your own strength. You’re going to need the power of the Holy Spirit continually working in and for you.

The enemy of your family is hard at work attempting to nullify your marriage and destroy the legacy that God intends for your children. If you think that you’re going to be able to fend off the onslaught that is programmed against you, you’re badly mistaken. If you think that there is no war, you are already beaten and just don’t know it.

Visible evidence of his aggression against your family - such as constant strife between you and your wife, children who don’t want to discuss the things of God with you or have little interest in Jesus and the cross - means you have a spiritual battle on your hands. Head knowledge won’t do the trick, so your preaching at them will fall on deaf ears. Your youth pastor is not going to be able to help continually. Your pastor is not the one.

The power to bring vibrancy to your marriage or to win your children back to God lies with you seeking the Lord on their behalf. It’s in your spiritual job description. They are incapable of winning the fight themselves. They need you as a daddy, fighting for their best interest on your knees. It’s time to bend down and hit the carpet, friend. It’s time to call for help from the winner of all battles. His name is Jesus and He’s waiting for you! It’s you He’s chosen for their sake.

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Jim Corbett

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