• Jim Corbett
  • 06/14/2021

If you are in business, preparation is as important as implementation. Sometimes it is more important. It is unthinkable to enter a sales presentation, office meeting, or strategic planning session without deep, adequate research and information gathering.  To do so would be pretty counterproductive, possibly even detrimental to whatever was going to be accomplished.

Let’s look at the command you have been given from your Father in heaven regarding your family. He has called you to provide an atmosphere for them to become all they can be in Christ. He wants your marriage to be an example of the relationship He has with His church. He has given you offspring so you can help equip them to carry on a Christ-like legacy for you and for Him. In His eyes, that responsibility is far more important than anything you will be required to do at your job or in any other part of your life for that matter.

Here are the operative questions. How much planning and prayer do you do so that God’s plan will go forth? How much time, effort, strategizing, and monitoring do you do to counteract the daily challenges aimed at your marriage or your family, so that these challenges can be turned around and His will prevails? Could you be trusted to drop whatever you are doing when the need for the fulfillment of His goals becomes apparent? Do you plan and pray as your primary focus? Will you do whatever it takes to accomplish God’s will, even if that includes downsizing, moving, or changing jobs? If not, why not?

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Jim Corbett

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