3/29/23 Helpless Before God

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/29/2023
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Being helpless before God is the opposite of weakness. It allows the believer to tap into the limitless power and supernatural wealth of God and His kingdom. Purposeful helplessness is true to the character of Christ as He did nothing of Himself but only what He saw the Father doing.

As a husband and father, you’re required to create an atmosphere of loving trust and obedience to God. Your example is the best way for your children to learn how to walk as Jesus walked. It’s the place of safety for most wives. When they’re confident that their husbands are submitting to the Lord on their behalf, they find fertile ground to prosper in Christ.

Macho independence - a life of attempting to meet daily challenges and prosper in personal confidence and human strength - is a walk of ignorance. It’s the formula for failure as the world grows darker. It’s the path the enemy would love you and your family to stay on.

Our human strength is no match for the spiritual warfare established against us. Only in the power of God will we be able to withstand the war that’s designed to hinder us from overseeing a prosperous family that’s doing significant work for the Lord. Only in His supernatural strength will any of us be the kind of man the world needs to see as we walk in the character of Christ. We become strong as we deny our own puny human strength and tap into the overwhelming power of our life in Christ. That’s done through a surrendered heart, one that understands its own human frailty and the joy of fully submitting to the power of God.

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Jim Corbett


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