3/24/21 Be a Holy Representative

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/24/2021

Our Father is asking His husbands and fathers to be His holy representatives. He is calling families to be the example of the bride of Christ and His church.

I wonder how many of us really believe that our families mean so much to Him? How many of us have thought that how our marriage and family look to others is important as a representation of God's plan?

When was the last time, you, as a father, studied your family and asked the Lord how you can better provide fertile ground for your wife and children to become all they can be in Christ? How much does it mean to you that they’re telling others who Jesus is simply by their actions, and those actions reflect on you and your relationship with Christ?

As a man, you have been given a stewardship of your family. How far are you willing to go with God so that you have the tools to guide and direct those He has given you into a deep relationship with Him? Isn't it time that you become all you can be so that they have the freedom to do the same?

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Jim Corbett

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