3/23/21 Closest to God’s Heart

  • Jim Corbett
  • 03/23/2021

Because our Lord knew that all kings, priests, government officials, teachers, evangelists, etc. would come from the nuclear family, it is an institution that remains closest to His heart to this day. In God's eyes, the family that's in line with God's Word is an impenetrable fortress against all of the world's challenges, a safe place for wives to thrive and children to prosper; and a place for His Word to gestate and then be distributed throughout the nations.

God placed man in the most important position He has ever created - head of the nuclear family. He has also created the second most important office of a helpmate, his wife. His design for their partnership is to develop offspring who learn His ways through parents who are spiritually in order; learning from God through an intimate relationship with each other and with Him, one that mirrors the life of Christ, thereby creating significant legacies and overcoming lives that honor Him. Is it any wonder that the enemy has done everything to minimize, distort, and destroy the spiritual importance of God's plan, especially by weakening or distracting men, and minimizing their offices of husband and father?

As a man, how do you fare in providing fertile soil for your wife to become all that she can be in Christ? When you stand before God and present her and your children to Him, how spiritually significant will their lives be because of your guidance and direction? Is now the time to possibly reconsider your priorities so you please God with your stewardship of them?

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Jim Corbett

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