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When I was in my teens (and dirt was a new thing,) a local radio personality devoted one entire afternoon of programming time to sharing a silent movie with his audience. Think of that, a silent movie on the radio. As foolish as the idea sounds and is, this guy gave a narrative of certain scenes in the movie between songs. What is even more peculiar is he captured my attention throughout the three-hour show. I couldn’t wait for his next input, which - by the way - was very funny.

As I reflect back, there probably was no real silent movie being played. In reality, the man just took license and came up with a plan that captured the attention of his listeners by using a unique approach. What I was hearing had no bearing on reality.

Now that I know the Lord and observe how we, as men, respond to each day’s challenges, I see a definite parallel to that man’s program.  The enemy of our marriages and families is making up stories filled with lies and make-believe, and handing them to us, our wives, and our children. He then tells us there is a reality to what he is saying, when God calls all of his plans imaginations. To God, they are not funny!

God has a plan laid out very clearly for us in His Word. There is no make-believe. There are no silent movies that someone else has to interpret, because He has given us His Holy Spirit. His plan has nothing hidden. We can count on it to help us overcome all the silent movies of the enemy.

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Jim Corbett

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