12/30/20 Absentee Ballots

  • Jim Corbett
  • 12/30/2020

Are you sending absentee ballots to your wife and children? Do you love them from afar because you are too busy to spend the proper time with them so they can know a Christ-like husband and father? If you are, your priorities are out of order, no matter what’s getting in the way of an intimate spiritual relationship with your family.

Every moment you take away from being with them is a moment for the enemy to gain a foot hold, so you’d better make sure you’re doing something more important than being with your family. Your offices of husband and father hold the power to guide and protect those you steward. They prosper when you are obedient to God and do only what He asks you to do.

Providing for your family is necessary. Neglecting your godly commitments to your wife and children for the sake of more money, more personal esteem, or more success than you require is out of order. It’s out of line with the way your Lord wants you to spend your time. You may think you are becoming more successful, but I challenge you to ask the Lord how He sees the value of your time spent. Your family is counting on you!

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Jim Corbett

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