12/06/23 Safe at Home

  • Jim Corbett
  • 12/06/2023

I remember playing “kick the can” as a child. One person would be designated to guard the can – also called “home”, while the others ran away and hid. As everyone sought their hiding place, the guard counted to a certain number with his eyes closed. When the guard opened his eyes, we each found an opportunity to run toward “home” to kick the can. If we accomplished our mission, we were safe. If the guard caught one of us before we could get to the can, that person would have to be the new guard.

Often I remember being the guard because I was smaller and much slower than the others. The frustration I felt was immense, as one by one the others would make it home safe. It seemed that I could never protect the can as I wanted to. I just didn’t have the skills to do so.

Those frustrations come back often as I begin to understand my responsibility before God as a husband and father. I’m acutely aware of the times I’m incapable of loving, guiding, and nurturing as I should. Often I find myself with no answers.

That’s when I’m reminded that my weakness is the strongest qualification I have for my job. I was never called to have answers for the task I’ve been given. I’ve only been called to need God. In my need, He is my answer. He is my strength. He is my wisdom and power to function as I’m called to function. Instead of me trying to stop others from being safe at “home” as in the game, I welcome them to a place of safety created by My loving Father.

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Jim Corbett

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