• Jim Corbett
  • 09/06/2021

“Where is your heart? To whom are you listening? What kind of plans are you making and why am I not at the center of them? Be encouraged. I am so pleased at the progress most of you are making toward absolute surrender to My will.

"I know that it seems as if nothing is changing in you, that you are never going to be who I want you to be. I also know and see much more than you can from your limited perspective. I see your surrendering heart. I see your desire to sometimes become all that I want you to be. I also see your frustration when you see how little you seem to have changed when you leave Me out of your plans. What little you see happening in you is not truth as I see it. 

"Most of you, who are on the threshold of greatness in My eyes, have never been really, really good at anything. You have walked through your lives with average gifts and talents, excelling in possibly one or two areas. Perfection in anything, however, seems to have eluded you. Again, be encouraged. Even though you can only see your lukewarm heart, your distracted goals, and your self-focus, I see your perfection through the work of the cross. I also see greatness in your future. I have the ability to look past who you are at present, to see who you are becoming, and also see who you will forever be.

"At present, through Jesus, you are perfect to Me. Soon you will function in greatness and excel at loving Me. Then you will become holy. I will have your whole heart. Your thoughts will be My thoughts. I will be the center of your very being.”

Hebrews 10:14 NIV 

because by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.

Hebrews 12:2 NIV

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…


I love the prospect of excelling at loving Him.  The thought of never being really, really good at anything has haunted me most of my life. The possibility of being on the threshold of greatness in the eyes of my Lord is beyond my comprehension. The promise of holiness encourages me beyond belief.

Think of it. At present, we are perfect in God’s eyes because of the wonder of the cross and its work. Because we have embraced that sacrifice, we have entered into the covenant promise of being made holy. The process has begun and is being completed this very moment whether we feel it or not. Jesus is completing us. Boy! That takes a ton of weight off my back.

In these days, because of the times and seasons and the awareness of who I am not, I have found myself striving to do what Jesus is already doing in me. Somehow, I have attempted to do what is not my job to do. My job is to simply surrender to the process and have faith that the work is being done in me. I have the freedom to know that in my Father’s eyes, I am perfect right now. I am fully accepted by Him. I can also be confident that He has the ability to make me what He wants me to be.  In fact, because He has begun the process, anything that I do to try to stop it will be nullified. He will overcome my stupidity with His love.

Thank You, Jesus,

Jim Corbett

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