• Jim Corbett
  • 07/14/2021

“I remember the blood. I remember watching as Jesus wept and I sent comforters to Him, knowing what was in store. I stood by as He was denied any defense. He willingly allowed Himself to be governed by those I had given the authority to do so. But then We had agreed upon that long, long ago. I remember when every demon in hell took a turn at holding the whip that tore His body. I saw the weight of your sin that He carried and died for. I had to turn My back so that everything could be completed. I was able to release forgiveness to all of you because of what was accomplished by Jesus that day. I remember the blood. Be assured, I always remember the blood.”

John 19:30 NIV  

…Jesus said, “It is finished.” With that he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.


If this were the day that Jesus was crucified for our sins, many events would be taking place simultaneously. The earthly violence was over. A new kind of death-destroying violence was about to occur.

At this moment the tomb would be quiet, the body of the Savior of the world cold. Sleepy guards have positioned themselves to stave off any unwise intruder. All heaven would be poised in horror, waiting for the Father to do something, anything. All hell is rejoicing, thinking that they had won. Most of mankind is sleeping restlessly, very confused at the events of recent days. Others are gloating over their recent victory, confident that they have accomplished God’s will by killing “that blasphemer.” A small group is cowering together, waiting fearfully for the knock on the door, sealing their doom.

To some in heaven and on earth, the unthinkable had happened. To others, the foolishness was finally over. Winning and losing had parallel camps in both the spiritual and physical worlds. Neither, however, had any understanding of what the Father was about to do. Soon He would lovingly call forth the Name of His only Son, Jesus. With brilliance beyond description, Jesus would respond by reaching to the outstretched hand of His Father.

From that moment, both heaven and earth would never be the same. God’s original order would be restored. Spiritual death would be destroyed. Eternal life with God was now available.

In the next few months, most of mankind would go about their business, unaware of the eternal impact of what had just happened. A few of the faithful would begin to tell others of the most wonderful event that ever occurred. Those would then tell others that hope could now be a part of every life.

A gift above all worth had been given to some who would receive it gratefully. Others, through the centuries to come, would care less.

Help me to always remember the blood, Lord,

Jim Corbett

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