4/15/21 Don’t Carry the Weight

  • Jim Corbett
  • 04/15/2021

“Place all your fears, your needs, and your cares upon Me. Give them all to Me because I really care for you and will carry the weight of them for you. It is your right to do so, because of what Jesus has done for you at the cross. It is not right for you to carry the load and the pressure yourself. Your doing so is pride. It is actually a rebellion against your submission to Me. Once you really understand your desperate need of Me, and humble yourself enough to accept My help instead of handling things yourself, you will be forever free. It is My desire for you to flow in the freedom of submission that has been earned for you through Jesus.”

Ps. 55:22 AMP

Cast your burden on the Lord [releasing the weight of it] and He will sustain you; He will never allow the [consistently] righteous to be moved (made to slip, fall, or fail).

1 Peter 5:6-7 AMP 

6) Therefore humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you.

7) Casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.


It is most difficult for us to understand that in complete submission, we are totally free. It is also difficult for us to understand that carrying the load of our needs is sin if we say that we have submitted our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is rebellion, and a lack of trust in the Lord to be faithful to carry them for us.

Charles G. Trumbull wrote: “Worry is sin, a black murderous, God-defying, Christ-rejecting sin. It is a sin to worry about anything, anytime, whatsoever. We will never know the victory over worry and anxiety until we begin to treat it as sin. For such it is. It is a deep-seated distrust of the Father, Who assures us again and again that even the falling sparrow is in His charge.”

Forgive my sin, Lord,

Jim Corbett

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