• Jim Corbett
  • 02/09/2024

“What is it going to take to break your heart and return to first love? What must I do to convince you that you live in very volatile times? How long before you begin to prepare in earnest for the return of Jesus? Do you see how your world is changing and could be unrecognizable in moments? Do you see how your planet is groaning as if in birth pains? What more do you need to get serious, really serious about your life with Me? Get your eyes off yourself and sell out to My plans. You are called for your specific generation. I have a plan for you. It’s time for you to really get on with it!”

Isaiah 28:9-10 TLB

9) ”Who does Isaiah think he is,” the people say, “to speak to us like this! Are we little children, barely old enough to talk?

10) He tells us everything over and over again, a line at a time and in such simple words!”

Isaiah 42:25 AMP

Therefore He poured out upon [Israel] the fierceness of His anger and the strength of battle. And it set him on fire round about, yet he knew not [the lesson of repentance which the Assyrian conquest was intended to teach]; it burned him, but he did not lay it to heart.

Isaiah 48:3 NIV 

“I foretold the former things long ago, my mouth announced them and I made them known; then suddenly I acted, and they came to pass.”

Jeremiah 12:5 AMP  [But the Lord rebukes Jeremiah’s impatience, saying] If you have raced with men on foot and they have tired you out, then how can you compete with horses? And if [you take to flight] in a land of peace where you feel secure, then what will you do [when you tread the tangled maze of jungle haunted by lions] in the swelling and flooding of the Jordan?


Let’s see! We have a holy God Who has been warning us to prepare at every turn. Our world is changing, groaning, and deteriorating minute by minute. We say that we know we are living in the end of the end times.  Why is it that we remain selfish, self-centered, and secretly hoping that what we know is about to occur will not happen, so that we can remain as we are a little longer? Why will we not respond to what we know is a herald of repentance and bridal heart preparation, calling for a radical life change? Why are we so foolish as to shake off all the warnings?

I sense that the Lord is about to do what it takes to refine this generation of His own. I’m afraid that most of us will be walking around wide-eyed and drooling at the mouth, the same as those who are called foolish, when it happens. Instead of being prepared vessels who are able to pour the life of Jesus into those who need, we will be needy ourselves, consuming from those prepared to represent Jesus to the lost. All because we will not hear now!

Help me hear and act, Lord,

Jim Corbett

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