What Do You Expect ?

  • Jim Corbett
  • 05/21/2020

What do you expect? You are a blood bought child of God. Jesus spent His entire life on earth for your benefit. He and Father God made an unbreakable covenant that assures you that you will never be forsaken or forgotten. All of the promises in the Word of God are proven to be true. They tell of your everlasting love relationship with God.

So what do you expect? Do you expect Them to turn Their back on Their promises? Do you expect Them to leave you powerless to overcome all of the challenges you face? Do you expect Them to leave when you are in need of Them?

Or do you expect Them to be your faithful, loving and powerful God and Savior empowering you by the Holy Spirit to be who you are called to be? Which do you actually expect to be there for you, and which are you basing your life upon?

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