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  • Truth

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    God and His plan is truth. Jesus is truth. The whole Word of God is truth. His truth is foundational! It’s life! It’s the only real answer. Turn your eyes […]

  • Yes

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    After talking with many people about walking with the Lord, it seems the most productive way to walk with Him is to simply say “yes” whenever He asks us to […]

  • The End

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    The world is always attempting to delay the end of things. Death can be an incredibly frightening prospect. The end of a job, the end of a marriage, the end […]

  • A Vanishing Commodity

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    One of the foundational elements of any thriving community is truth. Without truth, all things eventually gather into a cesspool that becomes an eventual death trap for everyone. Without truth, […]

  • Amazing!

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    Have you ever wondered why the Creator of all things—our glorious, almighty, magnificent God—desires to spend eternity with us? Through Jesus, He placed Himself on both sides of an unbreakable […]

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