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In our novel, The Elect, one of the confused characters has a demonic spirit guide named Ra-il. It’s “liar” spelled backwards because a liar is all it can be. It serves the father of lies and can do nothing but convey lies to anyone who will listen.

Because the devil has been given access to the earth since the sin of Adam and Eve, those who submit to the world and its ways posture themselves to be vulnerable to his lies. Jesus told those He spoke with that they could not understand His ways-the truth-because their father was Satan.

It’s the very same today. As the world grows darker, lies and liars will be the loudest voices proclaiming their father’s agenda. As believers, we have the privilege of looking past all that’s untrue and grasping the truth of the Word-Jesus, and everything that is of our Father in heaven-Who is all truth.

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