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For those who are wanting to deepen their walk with the Lord to become the man God has created them to be, this daily devotional is designed to encourage, equip, challenge, and support you in that endeavor. Very much like the direct but kind, guiding words of a craftsman to an apprentice, this devotional says to searching hearts what they most likely have longed to hear all their lives. That may sound hard to believe, but history has proven that many grown men have never had a father’s guidance that could direct them either in word or example into the truth regarding love, marriage, intimacy, and nurturing. This devotional provides opportunities for men to revisit what it means to be a leader, husband, or father God’s way.

  • 10/11/19 He Hasn’t Forgotten

    Is your job just a bunch of endless days as you wait for something better to come along? Or even worse, have you just lost your job? Is there illness […]

  • 10/10/19 Higher Call

    What is not proclaimed in most men's groups, church fellowships, and one to another is that there is a higher call than what we see evident today. It is a […]

  • 10/09/19 A Father’s Love

    I find it much easier to understand the love of the Father because I am a parent.  As a parent, you want the best for your child.  You have much […]

  • 10/08/19 The Same as Before

    One day, possibly early in the morning, a worn sandal touched the edge of the Jordan River. The time had come for the next portion of the plans of God […]

  • 10/07/19 The Real War

    For us guys who need the bottom line, it's time to talk straight about the real war that we are in. Our lives have been spent in skirmishes involving mortgages, […]

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